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Wednesday, October 25, 2000








Opening ceremony


Plenary talk:
Amihai Motro (George Mason University, USA):
Intelligent Methods in Virtual Databases




Coffee break




Session 1A: Flexibility in Database Management and Querying I




P. Bosc, L. Lietard, O. Pivert
About ill-known data and equi-join operations


I.J. Blanco, N. Marin, O. Pons, M.A. Vila
An extension of Data Description Language (DDL) for fuzzy data handling


P. Buche, O. Haemmerlé
Towards contextual fuzzy querying of both structured and semi-structured imprecise data




Session 1B: Data and Knowledge from Distributed Sources




Z.W. Raś
Query answering in DAKS based on reducts


U. Leser, F. Naumann
Query planning with information quality bounds


A. Bidault, C. Froidevaux, B. Safar
Finding successful queries in a mediator context




Lunch break




Plenary talk
Wlodek Zadrożny (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA):
Building and evaluating natural dialog systems for electronic commerce




Coffee break




Session 2A: Flexibility in Database Management and Querying II




M. Koyuncu, A. Yazici, R. George
Flexible querying in an intelligent object-oriented database environment


A. Seriai, Ch. Oussalah
A reuse based object-oriented framework towards flexible formulation of complex queries


A. Morris, P. Jankowski
Combining fuzzy sets and fuzzy object oriented spatial databases in multiple criteria spatial decision making


J. Albrecht, W. Huemmer, W. Lehner, L. Schlesinger
Using semantics for query derivability in data warehouse applications


P. Marcinčák, M. Matula
Metadata and object-oriented approach to flexible querying




Session 2B: Natural Language Processing



J. Cardenosa, L. Iraola, E. Tovar
Author extraction: a test experience for flexible information extraction


C. Enguehard
Supple equality of terms: definition and evaluation


T. Andreasen, J.F. Nilsson, H.E. Thomsen
Ontology-based querying


A. Ballim, V. Pallotta
Weighted semantic parsing: a robust approach to interpretation of natural language queries





Thursday, October 26, 2000






Plenary talk
Keith van Rijsbergen (University of Glasgow, UK):
Answers without queries




Coffee break




Session 3A: Information Retrieval




D. H. Kraft, J. Chen
Integrating and extending fuzzy clustering and fuzzy inferencing in order to improve textual Information Retrieval System performance


G. Bordogna, G. Pasi
Flexible querying of structured documents


F. Crestani
Word recognition errors and relevance feedback in spoken query processing


M.J. Martin-Bautista, D. Sanchez, M.A. Vila, H.L. Larsen
Measuring effectiveness in fuzzy information retrieval


P. Baranyi, L.T.Kóczy
Saving calculation in Information Retrieval




Session 3B: Knowledge Discovery I




C. Marsala, B. Bouchon-Meunier
Construction of fuzzy classes by fuzzy partitioning


J.-F. Boulicaut, A. Bykowski, B. Jeudy
Towards the tractable discovery of association rule with negations


J. Kacprzyk, S. Zadrożny
On combining flexible querying and linguistic association rules mining


P. Grzegorzewski
Interval aggregation in data mining


Q. Wei, G. Chen
Association rules with opposite items in large categorical databases




Lunch break




Plenary talk
Tiziana Catarci (Universita' degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy):
Visual tools for screwing information out of large data sources




Coffee break




Session 4A: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning I




P. Vojtas, Z. Fabian
Aggregating similar witnesses for flexible query answering


R. Demolombe
Abstract objects to represent large answers to queries in a concise form


S. Abdennadher, H. Christiansen
An experimental CLP platform for integrity constraints and abduction


L. Mota-Herranz, M. Celma-Giménez, H. Decker
Transaction trees for planning knowledge revision


M. Arenas, L. Bertossi, J. Chomicki
Specifying and querying database repairs using logic programs with exceptions


M.-S. Hacid, F. Toumani
Declarative constrained language for semistructured data




Session 4B: Knowledge Discovery II




F. Giannotti, G. Manco
Declarative knowledge extraction with iterative user-defined aggregates


S. Greco, E. Masciari, L. Pontieri
Combining different data mining techniques to improve data analysis


A. Dvorak, V. Novak
On the extraction of linguistic knowledge in databases using fuzzy logic


H. Aladjov
Intuitionistic fuzzy generalized net model describing the process of training of intuitionistic fuzzy generalized net models


P. Alcamo, F. Domenichini, F. Turini
An XML based environment in support of the overall KDD process


K.A. Kaufman, R.S. Michalski
A knowledge scout for discovering lifestyle-disease patterns: SCAMP







Friday, October 27, 2000






Plenary talk
Ronald R. Yager (Iona College, USA):
Tools for constructing intelligent queries




Coffee break




Session 5A: Multimedia Processing




M. Lalmas, T. Rölleke, F. Turra, N. Fuhr
Concepts for a graphical user interface for hypermedia retrieval


M. Detyniecki
Browsing a video with simple constrained queries over fuzzy annotations


M.T.P. Santos, M.T.P. Vieira, S.R. Borges, J.M. Figueiredo, F. Fornazari, M. Biajiz
Semantic information search facilities for MHEG-5 and SMIL applications


K. Saeed, A. Dardzinska
Cursive letters language processing: Muqla model and Toepliz matrices approach




Session 5B: Cyberspace: Flexible Querying and Retrieval I




C. Bellettini, E.Damiani, M.G. Fugini
Querying UML/XMI design information


P. Quaresma and I. Pimenta Rodrigues
A dialogue manager for a WWW-based Information Retrieval System


S. Ambroszkiewicz
Towards semantic interoperability in cyberspace


F. Aguiar, M. Beigbeder
Discovering the context of WWW pages to improve the effectiveness of local search engines




Lunch break




Session 6A: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning II




S. Zbroja, A. Ligeza
Case-based reasoning within tabular systems. Extended structural data representation and partial matching


K. T. Atanassov
Temporal intuitionistic fuzzy relations


Z.A. Sosnowski
Activation of fuzzy rules in RETE networks


N. G. Nikolov
Situations endowed with lattice structure


P. Chountas, I. Petrounias
Representing temporal and factual uncertainty




Session 6B: Cyberspace: Flexible Querying and Retrieval II




J. Cardenosa, D. Escorial, E. Tovar
Multimodal input analysis for a Home Information System


M. Kłopotek, A. Jodłowski, K. Skowronski, S. Wierzchon, M. Michalewicz, M. Bednarczyk, W. Pawłowski
An application of dynamic AI methods in the integration of computer credit scoring systems


N. Maiellaro
Integrated GIS for building control in small cities - from DOS to Web


Z. Stojanovic
New method for qualitative spatial reasoning based on matrix calculus




Coffee break




Keynote Speech
T. Whalen, A. Rai, T. Flynn (USA):
Flexible Queries in the eCommerce Shopping Mall: A Discursive Analysis




Closing of the conference