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September 22-25, 2004, Warszawa, Poland



Travel information


Warszawa has convenient flight connections with major European airports. There is also a direct connection to USA operated by Polish Airlines LOT.

There is a relatively new option for the European travellers: cheap airlines started this year their operations to and from Warszawa and a few other major cities in Poland. Below, please find links to these airlines sites:

Airline Web site Destinations to and from Poland
Air-Berlin+Niki Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland
Germanwings Germany (also from/to Krakow)
SkyEurope Austria, France, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Slovakia, UK
WizzAir Belgium, Germany, Sweden, UK (also from/to Katowice and Gdansk - some destinations)


There is one airport in Warszawa (Warszawa-Okecie, WAW) with one international terminal, one domestic terminal and one special terminal for cheap airlines (Warszawa-Etiuda). All terminals are located next to each other.

By TAXI This is the recommended way of getting to your hotel. Please take a taxi of one of three official airport taxi corporations: MPT (phone: 919), Sawa Taxi (phone: 644 44 44) or Merc Taxi (phone: 677 77 77). The most popular and widely available is MPT. Their cabs are standing just outside the arrival hall. There are also their stands inside the arrival hall where you can arrange for a cab accepting credit card payments etc. The price for the ride to the downtown depends on the traffic intensity, but should not exceed 40 PLN (equivalent to less than 10 EURO).
DO AVOID other taxi drivers who may try to offer you their services already inside the arrival hall - they will charge you essentially higher.

By the public transport Just outside the arrival hall there is the final bus stop of the line number 175. It will take you to the downtown.
The ticket price is 2,40 PLN (ca. 0,50 EURO). There is no extra fee for the luggage. You have to buy the tickets in advance at the kiosk (selling newspapers etc.) - at the airport there is a kiosk located in the arrival hall. Sometimes it is also possible to buy the tickets on the bus, at the driver (slightly more expensive).
Beware of the pickpockets.